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Product Details

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Product Description

RARLONG produces various series of agricultural wheels (Agricultural OTR Wheel Rims) for adjustable disc wheels, fixed disc wheels, high speed tractor wheels, row crop wheels and flotation wheels. The wheels are used for tractor, combine harvester, spraying and irrigation machinery, agricultural implements, flotation vehicles, Sugar Ethanol/Sugar cane trailers, slurry tankers and balers.

Agricultural OTR Wheel Rims as one kind of Off Road Wheel Rims,All agriculture wheels are finished with e-coat and powder paint to ensure paint durability under moist/corrosive environment.

Specification for Agricultural Wheels

NO. Tyre sizeRim size Structure
1 4.00-1212x3.00D 1-piece
2 6.00-1212x4.50E 1-piece
3 6.00-1414x4 1/2J 1-piece
4 5.00-15 15x4.00E 1-piece
5 7.5L-15 15x6LB 1-piece
6 4.00-16 16x3.00D 1-piece
7 5.50-16 16x4.00E 1-piece
8 10-16.5 16.5x8.25 1-piece
9 12-16.5 16.5x9.75 1-piece
10 11.2-32 32xW10 1-piece
11 16.9-34 34xW14L 1-piece
12 11.2-36 36xW10 1-piece
13 12.4-38 38xW11 1-piece
14 11.2-40 40xW10 1-piece
15 16.9-42 42xDW15 1-piece
16 13.6-54 54xW12 1-piece

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