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Product Details

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Product Description

Rarlong specialized in manufacturing and exporting steel wheel rim, OTR wheel Rim, OTR wheel, Earth-mover Wheel Rim, Engineering Wheel Rim products diameter from 8 inch to 63inch, offers the widest range of engineered wheel rim to the Industrial, Mining, Earthmoving, Crane and Agricultural markets, and is especially professional in OTR wheel and earthmover wheel with mulit-pieces.

Our Supply capability covering: OTR WHEEL RIM from 25-35 inch multi piece (3pcs, 5pcs, 7pcs) steel wheel rim and components/parts for WORLD TOP BRANDS like CAT, KOM, VOL,etc. Including earthmover wheel rim, heavy duty truck wheel rim, excavator wheel rim, motor grader wheel rim, quarry truck wheel rim, rigid dump truck RDT wheel rim, articulated dump truck ADT wheel rim.

Parameter for Construction Wheel Rim

NO. Tyre size Rim size Structure
1 14.00-20 20-10.00/1.7 3-piece tubeless
2 14.00-21 21-10.00/1.7 3-piece tubeless
3 24.00-21 21-18.00/1.5 3-piece tubeless
4 14.00-24 24-10.00/1.7 3-piece tubeless
5 14.00-25 25-10.00/1.5 3-piece tubeless
6 18.00-25 25×13.00/2.5 5-piece tubeless
7 21.00-25 25×15.00/3.0 5-piece tubeless
8 26.5-25 25×22.00/3.0 5-piece tubeless
9 29.5-25 25×25.00/3.5 5-piece tubeless
10 30/65-25 25×24.00/3.0 5-piece tubeless
11 24.00-29 29×24.00/3.5 5-piece tubeless
12 26.50-29 29×25.00/3.5 5-piece tubeless
13 18.00-33 33×13.00/2.5 5-piece tubeless
14 24.00-33 33×17.00/3.5 5-piece tubeless
15 18.00-35 35×15.00/3.0 5-piece tubeless
16 27.00-49 49×19.50/4.0 5-piece tubeless

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